Physiotherapy and massage therapy

Well currently….the group is just a one man band! My name is Ash. I’v recently just started this little business venture out of my spare room with the aim of becoming a group of Frankston local physiotherapists you can trust to improve your pains whether it be back pain, neck pain or general health related.

Ash - My Therapist Group

I graduated in 2014 from Latrobe University and have done various ongoing professional developments since as well (a list too long to rattle off here, but I’m more than happy to share). Long story short I have learnt to think differently to most other physios. I fix most problems that others can’t fix! I incorporate physiotherapy with osteopathy techniques for short term gains, such as pain symptom relief and polish them off with relevant clinical pilates, postural and exercise advice for long term gains to rid the problem completely.

See why you should choose me. Give me a go, and if you’re not satisfied…100% money back is just one of the reasons!

I also do a lot more….