Physiotherapy and massage therapy

Back Pain: can come from a variety of sources, however, typically arise from facet joints and the soft tissues which surround and support your lumbar spine. This area of the spine takes majority load of movements and activities. This area consists of five relatively large vertebrae and discs. Discs cushioning the vertebrae can bulge, tear and decrease due to repeated bending, twisting and prolonged sitting, all of which can contribute to lower back pain for no apparent reason or may occur in acute episodes.  Symptoms of Lower Back Pain may include: pain or aching in the base of the spine, including the buttock and hips, aggravated with bending and twisting and increased pain with lifting, straining or coughing. Your physiotherapist at My Therapist Group will perform specific assessments and techniques in order to diagnose the degree and type of lower back pain you have. Treatment will be provided to ensure you attain relief.