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Low Back Pain

Have I popped my disc?

No amount of once-off loading can “pop” you disc open or flat. You can however have repetitive loading through your disc to cause mild to major tears and degeneration.bulging-disc

Have I slipped a disc? I’m so unstable.

Again no is the answer. You can’t just slip a disc out of place. You can definitely have slipped vertebrae. The scientific terminology for that is spondylolisthesis or retrolisthesis. It is a technical term for forward and backward instability of the spine. With such instability it can move some of the disc that it is connect to with it. But the disc cannot move independently.chiropractor-nyc-lower-back-pain-03


Sciatica pain

Will I have sciatica  pain forever?

The physios here are specifically trained to assess the joint strains and sheers in your back. As your pelvis is the foundation for you low back and spine. Without a correctly functioning pelvis you can’t expect to rid your pain. You will have to wait the typical magic 6 weeks to 3 months for symptoms to relief itself through most likely natural cause.

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Tingling and Numbness

I have leg pain and tingling and numbness which won’t go away.

More often than not, tingling and numbness in your lower limbs are directly related to a referred pain from your back. You should have your back assessed if you have tried treatment for your lower limbs with no good effect.

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