Physiotherapy and massage therapy

Knee Pain: commonly cause by a number of mechanisms such as direct impact, over use, repetitive stress or loading without sufficient time between application for the body to recover, degenerative conditions as well as structural and biomechanical abnormalities. Knee pain is often associated with physical restrictions. Knee pain can originate in any bony structure comprising of the knee joint femur, tibia, fibula, the knee cap patella, or the ligaments and cartilage meniscus of the knee. Bio-mechanical insufficiency can also arise and be caused my incorrect hip and pelvic alignment. A through assessment by one of the physiotherapists at My Therapies Group will be able to provide you with a diagnosis of the knee pain, and appropriately treat the underlying cause of pain. Prompt attention and treatment of knee pain increased the chances of full recover and aids in the prevention of surgical intervention if left unattended for too long.      

      • ACL’s
      • Meniscul injury
      • Calf pain
      • Jumpers knee
      • Osgood schlatters
      • Sihn splints
      • Stress fractures
    • Ankle
      • Sprains
      • Achillies injuries
      • Bonions
      • Severs disease
      • Plantar facia pain