Physiotherapy and massage therapy

Neck Pain and Headaches: neck pain affects almost 1 in 3 people each day. Symptoms of neck pain include: stiffness or difficulty to turn your head, pain if you read or look down for extended periods of time, headaches and shoulder blade pain, dizziness or short term visual disturbances. There are various treatments available; however, the most suitable for you will depend on the cause of pain. Neck pain and headaches can arise from various areas of the neck such as ligaments, nerves, discs and facet joints. Neck pain is often caused by prolonged periods of poor posture of your head, which places strain on the surrounding tissues as they try to support you in your daily activities. Ultimately neck pain can further refer pain to shoulder blades and down the arms and are usually associated with a headache. Your physiotherapist at My Therapist Group will perform specific assessments to determine the cause and degree of neck pain/headache you are experiencing and will treat accordingly. After all he is a headache specialist

For further information, check out Headache Australia. Some really great resources.