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What is tension type headache?


Tension type headache (TTH) is the most common headache syndrome. It affects 36%of men and 42% of women. This means that just over 1 in 3 people have TTH. Most TTHs start when we are teenagers and tend to peak in our 40’s. TTH affect work life, social life and family life. If you have chronic TTH it will usually occur for roughly more than 15days per month. And if you have episodic TTH it will usually occur less than 15 days per month.


Symptoms of Tension Type Headache


– Dull constant pain in head and neck with sudden sharp pains.
– Constant tightness in head and neck
– Tender scalp, neck and shoulder muscles
– Neck stiffness and reduced movement
– On-going symptoms for consecutive days.


Treatment of Tension Type Headache


– Poor posture and work
– Poor driving posture
– Removal of stress and anxiety from life
– Fatigue
– Ice/Heat
– Pandol or ibuprofen. (consult your GP)


Physiotherapy can help with any structurally insufficiency. This relates to both soft tissues causes such as muscle tightness, hard tissue causes such as vertebral straining secondary to poor posture and neurological tightness within your neck nerves. (Refer to Trigeminal neuralgia). Physiotherapy can help with all TTH to not just rid your symptoms just stem the cause of it.


Refer to Headaches Australia for more information.