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What is Trigeminal Neuralgia?

It is an ache that arises from the trigeminal nerve. The trigeminal nerve arises from the upper cervical vertebrae of C1 to C3. This nerve arises from the spinal cord and goes through the foramenal exit from the vertebrae and supplies your face and scalp. Compression or irritation of your nerve fibres anywhere along the route of the spine can cause many symptoms.


Symptoms include

  • Sudden stabbing pains in cheeks or jaw
  • Tingling in your tongue or cheek.
  • Neck pains and headaches
  • Scalp tightness
  • Had throbbing
  • Pains in the back of the eyes



Correct alignment of the neck including any vertebral strain and muscle spasming is essential in fixing trigeminal neuralgia. Physiotherapy can aid vastly and at My Therapist Group we can help with any structurally insufficiency. This relates to both soft tissues causes such as muscle tightness, hard tissue causes such as vertebral straining secondary to poor posture and neurological tightness within your neck nerves. Physiotherapy can help to not just rid your symptoms but to stem the cause of it.