Physiotherapy and massage therapy

Even minor pain can turn to be a critical health issue if it’s not diagnosed on time and given the appropriate treatment. Properly executed and well-planned physiotherapy program based on the symptom is vital to reduce pain and bring patients to a normal life.

My Therapist Group is a leading physiotherapy center in Frankston to get advanced and appropriate physiotherapy for lower back pain in Frankston at affordable costs. Backed by expert physio for sciatica, lower back pain, neck pain, headache and other injuries and ailments, My Therapist Group has become a renowned name in Frankston. We pay closer attention to our patient’s problems and design the treatment program accordingly that suit them to attain maximum functional restoration and help them return to a healthy active lifestyle.

For quick and permanent pain relief, our physio for Frankston community customizes a variety of physiotherapy techniques that are suitable for different requirement after assessing several needs of each individual. As a popular Frankston’s physiotherapy center, we provide personalized and comprehensive training program to each patient so that they can maintain their health even after the treatment.

Physiotherapy Center Frankston

My Therapist Group’s physiotherapy center in Frankston delivers physical therapy services of the highest standards and the expertise of experienced Therapists. We help promote an individual’s mobility and functional ability which he or she lost due to illness, injury, or disease. We help them by reducing pain and restoring the use of bones, muscles and the nervous system. Our Frankston based therapy program is also designed to reduce lower back pain, assist in sciatica management and enhance the ability to perform everyday tasks.  

Physiotherapy Services

At My Therapist Group, we deal in handling a host of health issues in Frankston. Our physiotherapy services for the community include back pain physiotherapy, knee pain physiotherapy, neck pain physiotherapy, joint pain physiotherapy, post-operation physiotherapy, balance rehabilitation, posture correction, stroke physiotherapy, spinal injury rehabilitation and sports injury physiotherapy, etc.

For scheduling a session in Frankston with us, give a call us at 0401 825 644 or click on “Book Appointment”. My Therapist Group’s first priority is patients’ satisfaction. To achieve this, we have incorporates the best practice in the department based on international standards.

We are located in the lower end of Frankston proper. We always take it upon ourselves to know our patients personally and offer specialist treatments for Back Pain and Headache Relief. We also provide physiotherapy guidance for a number of other physical conditions.

Call us today at 0401 825 644 or click on “Book Appointment” to schedule a session.