Physiotherapy and massage therapy

Are you on a lookout for good physiotherapy for lower back pain in Langwarrin? If so, My Therapist Group is the right name to be. We have expert physio for neck pain Langwarrin who are dedicated to delivering the highest level of patient care and providing advanced physiotherapy for severe pain as well. At My Therapist Group, you can get advice and training to maintain your activity level even after your treatment.

Treatment for Several Health Problems in Langwarrin

My Therapist Group provides physiotherapy for a host of health problems. Our physiotherapists in Langwarrin are experts in human movement and function. They use science based assessments and treatments with an aim to treat several injuries or ailments. Backed by out-topping knowledge and expertise, they can treat many physical conditions such as: muscle and joint pain, backache, neck pain, post-operative, acute or chronic injury, headache, sciatica, posture and alignment problems, and more.

Our Procedure of Physiotherapy in Langwarrin

Located in Lower Frankston, we at My Therapist Group offer local physiotherapy care in surrounding areas. During initial consultation for physiotherapy, our doctors discuss with patients details of current problems and relevant medical history. A complete physical examination is conducted, including a hands-on assessment of affected area. Once a diagnosis is formed, our physiotherapists work with patients for planning the most suitable treatment for their condition and set realistic goals accordingly.

Our approach to recover your health is matchless. We involve patients in their treatment. That is why our physio for sciatica Langwarrin, back pain, headache, and neck pain at our physiotherapy center educates patients about their physical condition, its effects, causes and symptoms.

Our Physiotherapy Treatment for Langwarrin

Depending on patients’ behavior and problems, our treatment techniques may include muscle re-education, joint mobilization and manipulation, therapeutic exercise, massage and soft tissue mobilization, breathing exercises, airways clearance techniques, giving advice in training for using orthotics, prosthetics and other devices.

Why My Therapist Group

My Therapist Group’s practitioners are medically trained and experienced to assess and diagnose the causes and effects of the pain based on your symptoms and design the program accordingly.  We stick to our commitment towards work and bring you back to your normal life. Our staff and practitioners are caring and polite to the patients. Our working hours are long and extended. Contacting the physiotherapists in Langwarrin for sciatica, back pain, neck pain and headache is easier and convenient. We are less expensive, providing reasonally-priced physiotherapy assessment and treatment to Langwarrin community. My Therapist Group is only one physiotherapy center to provide money back guarantee if patients are not 100% satisfied. Call us today at 0401 825 644 or click on “Book Appointment” to schedule a session.

Call us today at 0401 825 644 or click on “Book Appointment” to schedule a session.