Physiotherapy and massage therapy

Backache is the most common problem, affecting pretty well everyone at some stage or another. Typically individuals between 30 to 60 years old are more likely to experience back pain. The pain makes you feel uncomfortable and your day worse. It causes pain when you are standing or lying down. The symptom may include difficulty in moving, muscle spasms, local soreness upon touch, and so on.

Stressful life, improper posture, workouts, travelling or aging are some of the possible common causes of backache. The problem may make you restless and if not taken care of leads to make your routine terrible. It can also originate from the joints, muscles, nerves, bones and several other reasons.

My Therapist Group – A Popular Physiotherapy Center for Lower Back Pain in Somerville

My Therapist Group is Somerville’s one of the most modern and comprehensive multidisciplinary Physiotherapy centers, dedicated to serving Somerville community in the most convenient and advanced way. Setting up by experienced physiotherapists who are the pursuit of excellence, our physio uses several modalities, specific manual procedures and non-surgical methods not just for lower back pain treatment, but curing sciatica and neck pain as well.

Expert team of physio for neck pain at My Therapist Group is backed with sophisticated and latest physiotherapeutic equipment and tools to offer the best treatment and ensure quick pain relief. Our expertise and use of therapy devices enable us to treat chronic or acute back pain, neck pain and sciatica. With us, you can get the best treatment even for the difficult and challenging conditions.

As a leading Somerville physiotherapy center, we offer complete assessment for your spinal problems like back and neck pain and special treatment for stiffness, joint pain and sciatica. Believing in non-surgical treatment, at My Therapist Group we work in close collaboration with patients and deliver them the best results. The treatment we provide isn’t just more specific, if required it can be fine-tuned on a day-to-day basis. The reassurance of experienced physio’s presence enables My Therapist Group to work “on the spot” with individuals feeling they are in safe hands all round.

Why Physiotherapy?

People with acute pain are common in physiotherapy practice. A maximum number of individual suffering from lower backache are treated successfully by physiotherapists. Pain relief is accomplished through physical therapy without any surgery. The treatments focuses on preventing and managing disabilities or injuries, which further helps relieve pain, promote healing, and restore function and movement. A physiotherapist focuses on decreasing pain with either active or passive therapy.

Active therapy includes movement based activities such as stretching and range of motion exercise, specific strengthening exercise, pain relief exercise, low-impact aerobic conditioning, etc. Passive therapy includes manual therapy, ice/heat packs, electrical stimulation, dry needling, etc.

At My Therapy Group, Physiotherapist monitor each patient thoroughly, and provide the right treatment. Every individual has different types of bodies, and patterns of movement, so the treatment may vary from patient to patient.

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