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Don’t Waste Time& Money! Know These 6 Common Myths about Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists in Somerville who are qualified in the science of how the human body should move help people of all ages minimize their pain, improve mobility and stay active throughout their lives. Though the benefits are obvious, there are myths that sprout scepticism about physiotherapy. These myths disappoint individuals and prevent them from consulting a physiotherapist even though it could benefit them immensely.The downside of the myths is that you they waste their time and money.Here are some popular myths about physiotherapy.

myths and facts Myths about Physiotherapy

Myth #1: Physiotherapy is only a bunch of exercises

Fact: If you think physiotherapy is just a bunch exercise, you are wrong. A number of tools and techniques are available that physiotherapists use during treatment. They follow hands-on-approach and use manual and manipulation techniques. Exercises are the other part of the treatments process and are practised in the sessions. In Somerville, therapists though suggest exercises to take in your own time for aiding in the recovery and rehabilitation processes in-between sessions.

improve with marta - Common Myths about Physiotherapy

Myth #2: Therapy can be done by you

Fact: No, absolutely not! An expert’s attention is a must to do therapy. It’s better to have professionals to get your physiotherapy sessions right. My Therapy Group is highly committed to giving patients the exact treatment that they need, and guidingthem to achieve the best results as fast as possible. Your participation is crucial to get the therapy right, but handling it yourself is not the wisest choice.

Myth #3: Physiotherapy is not an option but surgery

Fact: The therapy has proven to be as effective as surgery. Physiotherapists can treat plenty of diseases like forms of knee osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, meniscal tears, and rotator cuff tears. So surgery is no longer the only one option for major diseases. So, don’t sit idly by thinking that there is no other option for your treatment except the expensive and risky surgery. Consult a physiotherapist in Somerville and get the best treatment without any surgery.

Myth #4: Physiotherapy is painful

Fact: Again wrong! Therapy experts are trained to reduce pain and discomfort. Even if you are having an acute or chronic shoulder pain, they can treat you with the least amount of pain or discomforts during the treatment process. Usually physiotherapists first make the treatment plan then work within your pain to heal, and restore function and movement.

Physiotherapy is painful

Myth #5: Physiotherapy can heal only accidents and injuries

Fact: Physiotherapists do a lot more than just stretch or strengthen weak muscles after an injury or surgery. Having expertise in the way our body moves, they are highly skilled and knowledgeable to evaluate and diagnose potential problems before they (the problems)turn to be more serious injuries or disabling conditions. Curving a niche in the therapy treatment, physiotherapists help people of all ages and abilities. They improve or restore mobility, reduce pain, and keep you staying active and fit throughout life.

Myth #6: Anyone in healthcare can perform physiotherapy.

Fact: Saying is easy but doing is tough. Physiotherapists are certified professionals. They are trained to give patients the best possible results. There are several physiotherapists in Somerville who pursue certifications in particular areas like women’s health, orthopedics, neurology or sports. Anyone cannot perform physiotherapy as it’s a very broad subject that needs specialized skillsets.


Physiotherapists are skilled enough to heal a wide range of serious problems without any surgery or tests that could lead to serious injuries. It’s advisable not to develop any misconception or myth about the therapy. You can get physiotherapists in Somerville to reduce shoulder pain or get rid of chronic headaches, lower back pain,frozen shoulder and carpal tunnel syndrome. Physiotherapists at My Therapists Group can evaluate and diagnose your problem before it is too late.