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Physiotherapy Treatment – the Right Cure for Lower Back Pain

Physiotherapy treatment a right cure for lower back pain. Back pain is a serious health problem. It affects almost everyone at some point of time in their life. When the pain develops, people turn to painkillers as their first line of treatment. But do you believe whether painkillers are a great healer?

Times have changed: drugs like painkiller are no longer the first line of treatment. Its use may increase the risk of being addicted to it. Instead of reaching for drugs, it’s good to try the physiotherapy treatment for back pain as it’s more effective than drugs.

Physiotherapy Treatment – the Right Cure for Lower Back Pain

Let’s have a look at the Physiotherapy for back pain.


Physiotherapy is best treatment either for initial back pain or for the long-term problem like lower back pain, knee pain, neck pain, joint pain, post-operation pain and so on. It keeps you away from taking expensive medicines like pain killers.

A reliable cure

Physiotherapy is best treatment

There are many causes of back pain problems. They are muscle strain, poor posture or issues in arthritis. The physiotherapy treatment depends on the main causes of the problem. The therapists try to reach the source of the pain. Spinal manipulation sometimes works better and more effectively. However, depending on the cause and sign of the pain, three fold-approached may be applied by physiotherapists to heal the problems. This three-fold approach includes:

  1. Weight management for reducing stress on joints
  2. Muscle strengthening for improving mobility and reducing recurrence
  3. Changing the coordination of all the muscles in a particular area for re-patterning of muscles. It is attained usually through a series of dynamic exercises.

In general, if there are frequent recurrences of low back pain or after an episode of low back pain has lasted between two and five weeks, physical therapy is often recommended. Some therapists recommend physical therapy sooner, mainly if the pain is severe. Their focus is to increase function by decreasing pain and providing education on a maintenance program to prevent further recurrences.

Physiotherapy for chronic pain

If nothing else works, a program of physiotherapy can ease our chronic pain. It involves strengthening the muscles that surround painful muscles or joints. Depending on the symptoms, weeks of physiotherapy sessions may improve balance and relieve your pain.

Believe it or not, there are many evidences available to suggest that physiotherapy treatment works well for treating chronic back pain. Or if you are taking some basic exercises and if it’s working, then fantastic, keep doing them. Unfortunately, if exercises aren’t working, then stop and consult a professional physiotherapist.


Physiotherapy treatment is reasonable and risk-free treatment for lower backache or other kinds of pain. For chronic pain regular exercise, yoga as well as mindfulness can work better. Any person suffering from acute back pain or lower back pain should know that there no magic bullet for cure. If exercise and medical treatment doesn’t work well, contact My Therapist Group where you can find skilled and experienced therapists and customized physiotherapy treatment programs for your lower back pain.