Physiotherapy and massage therapy

What is Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates differs from regular Pilates as it separates your physical problems from your symptoms. We use using a unique clinical prediction tool. It has been shown and scientifically proven that sub-grouping patients into specific biased exercise types is has a much better outcome prediction than generalised “core stability” Pilates. This is what makes My Therapist Group Frankston clinical Pilates unique. The programme is adaptable which means it is ideal for a number of uses including low back pain, neck pain and chronic pains.

The focus will be to help you every step of the way to optimum health and fitness. The Clinical Pilates instructor is a professionally qualified Physiotherapist who specialise in the use of Pilates as a rehabilitation treatment. He is a highly trained specialist and dedicated to providing you with complete confidence in the diagnosis and treatment that you receive. The clinic provides a comforting and supportive environment where each case is individually assessed with the greatest care.

I’m interested, what’s the process now?

With clinical Pilates you will need an initial physiotherapy consultation, where the physio will conduct an assessment on you to determine your spinal stability and “subgroup” you. Sub-grouping is there determination of which exercises will maximise your physical ailments. After sub-grouping you, you will be taken through some basic exercises, one on one, which you will do in the first class.

Current classes run on Saturday only, which will increase as popularity does. Best part is that classes have a maximum of 3 participants to ensure individualised care. You wont find that at any other clinic in the Frankston or Langwarrin area.