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Simple Ways Frankston’s Physiotherapists Can Relieve Knee Pains

Knee pain is one of the common health problems caused by many reasons: from serious injuries to complications of medical conditions. It affects both, young and old alike.  According to a popular physiotherapy clinic in Frankston for knee pain, among athletes, knees take a beating, majorly in sports that involve twisting and running. Signs and symptoms of the pain include swelling, redness, and difficulty walking.

Knee conditions and pain

There are several types of knee conditions and pain, which can be treated successfully by frankstons physiotherapists. These range from cartilage and ligament problems to muscular and tendon strains. Some of the common knee and ankle related problems aremeniscus injury, calf pain, jumpers knee, osgood-schlatters, shin splints, stress fractures, sprains, Achilles injuries, bunions, severs disease, and plantar facia pain.

Common Causes

Knee conditions and pain - Frankston’s Physiotherapists Can Relieve Knee Pains

Knee pain is caused by sudden injuries,repeated overuse or injuries of the pain, or conditions like gout, lose cartilage, arthritis, bursitis, dislocated kneecap, or infections. Aside from all these, the problem is also caused by direct impact, muscle imbalance, tightness, over use, repetitive stress, alignment problems of the legs, degenerative conditions, structural abnormalities and so on.

Affected Area

Knee pain can develop in any bony structure that comprises knee joint femur, fibula, tibia, knee cap patella, or the ligaments and cartilage meniscus of the knee. For a proper treatment, physiotherapists assess the cause and treat the problem effectively.

Knee Pain Treatment

Knee Pain Treatment - Frankston’s Physiotherapists Can Relieve Knee Pains

For successful physiotherapist treatment, it is important that the knee injury is diagnosed early so that the right frankstons physiotherapists can start as quickly as possible. Immediate attention and treatment can help achieve the full recovery and lead to prevent surgical intervention. There are various treatment techniques implied by physiotherapists that include soft tissue massage, specific strengthening exercises to correct a muscle imbalance, joint mobilization, and the fitting of custom made orthotics (biomechanics) to correct excessive foot pronation. A full bio mechanical assessment is performed by skilled Physiotherapists to determine the imbalance in your foot.

When you reach a physiotherapy center, physiotherapists will first identify the cause of the pain, muscle tightness around the knee, then proceed to treat it with stretching and exercise and remove the source of the knee pain. Depending on the condition, the procedure may include:

  • Conducting a biomechanical assessment
  • Looking at everything from muscle tightness to weakness
  • Observing how joints move
  • Ensuring if joints move too much or too little

Based on that physiotherapist decide the suitable course of physiotherapy program that may comprise exercise to calm the inflamed joint or muscle, or address the factors that contribute to the problem. If the problem persists due to the imbalanced walk, then the health experts may prescribe orthotics (shoe inserts that correct alignment problems).

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Frankstons physiotherapists no doubt possess great observation skills and are very good at looking at the whole picture. Besides all these, if physiotherapy is combined with medication,it works as effectively as arthroscopic surgery in treating osteo­arthritic knees.

At physiotherapy clinic in Frankston for knee pain, you can consult highly skilled and experienced therapists who help relieve symptoms and work to remove the pain permanently. They may assess completely and then provide you with a diagnosis of the knee pain, and appropriately treat the underlying cause of the pain.